Sector Diversification

Our strategy of sector diversification (i.e. drybulk and tanker vessels) achieves consistent financial results for our clients, which cannot be achieved by single sector focused companies. Furthermore, history has shown that earnings in the three main industry sectors of drybulk and tanker vessels very rarely move in parallel and frequently move in opposite directions.

Secure Employment

Our fleet of vessels have achieved superior financial performance by implementing the additional strategic aim of securing medium to long term fixed charterers as opposed to trading short-term (spot market).

Cost Effective Management

We pride ourselves on the fact that historically we have operated our fleet at competitive low costs by:

- Carefully selecting vessels for its clients.
- Competitively commissioning and actively supervising cost-efficient shipyards to perform repair reconditioning and systems upgrading work
- Following a proactive preventive maintenance program both ashore and at sea.
- Employing professional well trained masters, officers and crews.
- By taking advantage of economies of scale in purchasing supplies and provisions for its fleet We believe that this combination has allowed us to minimize off-hire periods, effectively manage our clients insurance costs and reduce our overall operating costs.