CARDIFF MARINE INCIssue Date: 01.07.03
Authorised By: C.E.O.

Cardiff Marine Inc., is involved in the shipping and marine transportation industry, and recognizes the impact on the environment of its main operations and is therefore committed to the protection of the environment and the prevention of all forms of pollution whilst carrying out its activities.

Cardiff Marine Inc., is committed to complying with all local, national and international rules and regulations and legal obligations, including industry recommendations, guidelines and codes of practice as setting the standards for the minimum performance.

All personnel employed by Cardiff Marine Inc., are required to work within the above requirements and in a way that ensures that all activities are carried out in an environmentally friendly manner and in a way to ensure that pollution is prevented in all circumstances.

Cardiff Marine Inc., shall identify all aspects of its operations, both ashore and onboard, which have an effect on the environment and shall prepare operational guidelines to ensure that the impact of each aspect of its activities does not threaten the environment, either locally or globally.

Wherever possible, such activities, objectives and targets shall aim to reduce any potential impact or damage to the environment.
Cardiff Marine Inc., recognizes the importance of monitoring changes in legislation, equipment and practices which impact on environmental management with a view to the continual improvement of its operations and performance.

Cardiff Marine Inc., shall provide all necessary resources to enable all vessels and personnel to perform their duties in respect of environmental management to ensure that this policy is fully complied with at all times and by all persons involved with its implementation.

Cardiff Marine Inc., shall ensure that all third parties involved with its activities shall conform with the company policy when providing their services to the company during its operations.

This policy both supplements and enhances the company policy on Quality, Safety, Health and Environment Protection incorporated in the company Safety Management System.

SIGNED ......................................  CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER ARISTIDIS IOANNIDIS